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Small Strokes

Ooma Pitch

INTRO:  [CPR/Identify Adapter Type]
“Hey how are you doing today? My name is __________. What’s your name? Well it’s nice to meet you _________. I’m here with Ooma Office about your business phones. I’m supposed to talk to whomever handles the phone bill here for you guys, that’s you right?”

SHORT STORY: [Who we are; What we do. Reduces Skepticism & Builds Impulse.]
“Okay great! We are new to the area. My job has been to work with business owners that are being overcharged on their phones. We’ve been able to cut bills in half and/or provide better features.

Transition Statement to Presentation : Most of the businesses we have helped out had Comcast or AT&T, which one do you all have?

PRESENTATION: NOW SIDE :How long have you been with them (their provider)?  Internet & Phone? How many lines do you have with them? Including fax? (Take the amount of lines+internet x 50) Oh nice so your bill is probably around ______?
So I’ll step aside and put together a comparison for you real quick.” (DISENGAGE)

DEEPER QUESTIONS: [Find their pain points; Use 4’s, 5’s, 8’s]
“How many phones do you have? Any cordless? Do you get those annoying Google robo-dialers?” (Jones Effect)

“Actually, I can give you a more accurate comparison, do you get your bills mailed here or emailed? Ok cool, pull that up and I'll see what we come up with.” (DISENGAGE)

NEW SIDE : During the presentation, build CPR (FORD’s family,occupation,recreation,desires). PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE THEY LIKE! Use Ooma presentation sheet. BE SURE TO TALK ABOUT THE “MONEY THEY ARE LOSING” rather than the “money they are saving” EVERY SINGLE MONTH AND OVER A YEAR.

CLOSE: My job is super simple. I’m going to fill out an order form and we’ll schedule an installation date & time that works best for you. Go ahead and fill this info out for me and I’ll get that started.

REHASH: Great thing about Ooma is that we are referral based. We like helping people in our network. Who else are we able to connect with that you know?