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They said it!

"This company has a ton of energy. Met out for the office event - sand volleyball. Very family oriented work culture. Everyone seems to get a long. The info that I have learned has been amazing, really. I do not remember learning this much about the reality of business, and I was a Business major. The hands-on learning approach is definitely the way for me to learn things faster and more efficiently. Two thumbs up to the management team. Very helpful for what I am trying to accomplish."


-Mike Walston, Phoenix University Graduate


“Pretty impressed at the amount of personal time each person here has given to help me figure things out. I have so many high hopes, especially with the experience I have already had with my past positions. I have a feeling Im going to get promoted to the lead position sooner than I did at best buy. Glad im not in a call center, and definitely glad im out of retail! Thanks to everyone who has believed in me, and even more so - invested their time to answer all my questions...”


-Levi Williams, Shaumburg, IL 



"Finished up my internship today at AGI, I had a great few months in the office and I had a lot of fun getting to know everyone! I learned so much about marketing, time management and social media marketing while I was here. I will definitely be able to choose a position after graduation a lot more clearly because of what I learned during this internship. "

-Cassie Murray, OSU Graduate

"We thoroughly enjoyed hosting their Charity event for the All Male Beauty Pagent. At first we were not sure what to expect. But it was a great turnout, and they raised over $2k for their cause. We welcome them back for another event anytime." 

-Manager/Owner The Garage Bar

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