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The Boardroom


Human Resources

Kaelyn has always been involved with athletics, gaining much of her leadership and communication skills through basketball and rowing. Her competitive spirit and devotion to training lead her to The University of Tennessee; where she accepted a Division I scholarship with the rowing team. Her four years as a Lady Volunteer gained her 2 conference championships, NCAA appearances and a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. Post graduation, Kaelyn was accepted into the Disney College Internship Program at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. Joining the AGI Atlanta team in January of 2014, Kaelyn expanded on her skill set to not only Human Resources, sales, management but also entrepreneurship.


Human Resources

Miranda grew up in the small town of Hutchinson, KS.  She was involved in many sports and community activities. She has a competitive spirit and spent most of her time traveling with her dance studio to many regional and national competitions. Miranda attended Kansas State University, receiving a Bachelor’s in Human Services and Conflict Resolution and joined the team after a year working as a Child Behavioral Therapist.



Born and raised in a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, Michelle always had a passion for opening a business. Through the love of talking with people and helping other people achieve their goals – “work” became a hobby. With a Bachelor’s in Organizational Communication, from Ohio University, Michelle was able to learn the basics of all forms of communication; which is a must in a world of ever-evolving technology. She believes in the importance that interpersonal communication brings in this day and age.

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